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Welcome to “Transcending Uncertainty” by Bronghen Group. Our program is designed to help individuals and groups navigate the uncertainty and challenges of today’s world.

Our program includes a combination of retreats and online sessions, led by experienced guides and trainers. The retreats provide a safe and supportive space for individuals to connect with themselves and others, while the online sessions offer ongoing support and guidance.

The program is based on the principles of mindfulness and self-awareness, and includes a variety of techniques and practices to help participants develop a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Participants will learn how to manage stress and anxiety, improve their communication and relationships, and develop greater resilience and adaptability. The program also includes a focus on developing a sense of purpose and meaning, essential for thriving in an uncertain world.

With “Transcending Uncertainty” by Bronghen Group, you can develop the skills and insights needed to navigate uncertainty and live a more fulfilling life. Join us on a journey of self-discovery and growth, and learn to transcend uncertainty in your personal and professional life.

The series of full immersion workshops are based on our proprietary method that starts with the awareness (and not just rational understanding) that:

  1. Emotions are physiological and work for our body
  2. The body primarily works for the survival of the species (far greater than us in terms of will)

Therefore, emotions should not be controlled or held back, as that is very difficult and also causes long-term damage to the body. The only truly effective way to achieve the desired result without becoming robots is to transcend them. Transcending emotions means creating a mental space for emotional observation that allows emotions to express themselves without reaching the surface and causing automatic emotional reactions that we all more or less know and that mostly cause damage when we are in the grip of, for example, fear, suffering, anger or exaltation.

This implies working on:

  1. The automatism of judgment that we have developed over the years (judgment of negative emotions and judgment of emotional expression) and the resulting automatism of avoiding or fleeing from negative emotions or emotional expression in general.
  2. Parallelly, working on the ability to recognize our own emotional reactions in all their facets and being able to live with them without being influenced by them in achieving our goals.

There is no shortcut to achieving this result, and it is not possible by reading a text or spending half a day in a classroom. To get to the level of our teachers, requires ongoing and personal work for years, but, with our method, 60% of the result can be achieved with the first experience, which consists of an immersive training encounter over three days from Thursday evening to late Sunday afternoon, in a location with nature and thermal baths or spa, private (dedicated only to the group and without interference), where the group can completely detox from everyday habits (therefore healthy diet, radically-no-use of any electronic device throughout the duration of the workshop) and follow specific practices for each emotion that the group will learn to make emerge, not judging them, and transcend them. Mindfulness and emotional intelligence are at the base of the work but it’s the right combination of each of the various techniques (and the personalization of the work on each member of the group) that makes the training effective because the knowledge to be transferred is not theoretical but practical. It’s better to do it in small groups but it can also be extended, and it’s always better to start from the top of the business organization and then reach the base.

This workshops are more focused on general experience. For specific thematic workshops about business issue please go to the business section or ask specifically your enterprises needs in the form below.

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